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Get to know Traterra’s Travel Advisors.

Maureen S.: Lead Travel Advisor, Traterra Following a trip to Grand Cayman at a very young age, Maureen fell in love with the Caribbean and made a goal to travel to all of the islands. She worked on a cruise ship in Hawaii right out of college and has been exploring the globe ever since. After owning her own travel business for several years, she joined Team Traterra as its Lead Travel Advisor.

Jennifer T.: Travel Advisor, Traterra Jennifer has worked in the travel industry for 30 years. She has lived in France and Germany and has traveled extensively around Europe, both on her own and while escorting groups. She holds a special place in her heart for Ireland, where she loves to golf and to enjoy the craic (fun). Jennifer loves to extend her knowledge to fellow travelers, and can’t wait to help plan your next adventure.

Jan A.: Travel Advisor, Traterra Living with a host family in the Netherlands was the start of Jan’s love of discovering the world. A history nut and foodie, her travels have taken her from Western Europe to the Caribbean islands and beyond.

Sarah-Jane P.: Travel Advisor, Traterra First introduced to the travel industry while living in Hawaii, Sarah-Jane is a cruise specialist, Disney expert and Caribbean island hopper who wants travelers to return from vacation with a renewed outlook on life.

Tina S.: Travel Advisor, Traterra Having been in the travel business for over 25 years, Tina first fell in love with travel her senior year in high school when she was fortunate enough to go to Europe for a month. After she finished college, she worked at a prestigious hotel in downtown Chicago for five years. From there, she decided that she would like to continue in the travel business and learn everything she could. Tina started working for a large travel agency in Chicago as a vacation agent. As her knowledge grew she started helping out in the group department, becoming a lead agent, assisting with sales calls, hotel site inspections, travel shows, and negotiating corporate rates. Her favorite places to visit are Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.   

Grant B.: Travel Advisor, Traterra Grant Found his love for travel while in college, when he lived in Spain and navigated his way around Europe for six months. In addition to much of Western Europe, his adventures have taken him to Hawaii, California, New York City, Florida, and Southern Ontario. He lives by the phrase, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. Grant has a passion for exploring new places, immersing himself into different cultures, meeting new people, and trying new things. He can’t wait to share his enthusiasm and expertise with you in planning your next adventure.