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Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls

One of the number one attractions in Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls attracts hundreds of visitors each year with its beautiful, scenic vistas and unique spirit of adventure. You may have seen the photos of the beautiful water rushing down the falls in Jamaica, with people climbing hand-in-hand up the rocks; but, actually going there and climbing Dunn’s River Falls is a feat that should be done at least once in everyone’s lives…or maybe twice.

On my first trip to Jamaica, my husband and I opted for boat trip to the falls.  We docked very near the base of the falls and were introduced to our guide on the beach.  We had come prepared with water shoes and swimwear so we were ready to go.  After a brief instruction lesson, our guide told us to give him our cameras.  I brought a disposable waterproof camera as well as a small video camera that I was planning on leaving in a locker, but the guide assured me that my camera would be safe and he would take plenty of video of us climbing the falls.

As instructed, my husband and I grasped hands in a long chain with those on the tour and headed into the falls.  They were much bigger than they appear from the water.  We followed our guide up the falls being very careful not to slip and drag everyone down with us.  As we climbed up the slippery rocks our guide snapped our pictures and took some video.  We got to sit under one of the falls for a photo shoot which was also fun!  Along the way we traversed a number of flat areas but mostly just climbed up the rocks through the water.  Another stop on the falls was a natural “slide” that they asked us to try out.  I thought it looked like fun and it was, but it really tore up my swim suit bottoms, so be careful not to wear anything too fancy.  All together the climb took almost an hour and was definitely worth it!

The water was cool and refreshing and the hike was a bit challenging, but a ton of fun.  We tipped our guide well because when we received our cameras back they were in perfect condition and had some great footage and photos on them.  Since then, I’ve done the Dunn’s River Falls climb 2 other times and will definitely do them again in the future.  Take the time and energy to give the falls a try, you’ll find it’s tons of fun and a bit of an adventure!

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