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Key West’s Sunset Celebration

Every night in Key West there is a gathering of people that has been taking place since the 1960’s.  About two hours before sunset, people flock to Mallory Square for what is known as the “Sunset Celebration”.

Beginning in the late afternoon, kiosks, stands and performers start setting up their goods to hawk for the locals and tourists that come by the hundreds and sometimes even thousands to see the fun interesting people here.  If a cruise ship is in town at the dock, it can be very crowded, so we try and stay away if a ship is in and go when it’s a little less chaotic.

Though it’s the sunset that’s supposed to be the reason people come to Mallory Square, it’s the entertainment that has made it so popular.  Where else can you see a man with trained house cats, jugglers, magicians and musicians all for free (well, they do accept tips).  If you want to know your future, sit down and have your palm read or visit at psychic.  There are clowns and banjo players, knife throwers and Cleo the tightrope walking Golden Retriever.  Many of these performers have made Key West their home and have been around for years, becoming staples of the Sunset Celebration entertainment.

So if you’re in Key West before sunset, head over to Mallory Square and get in on the fun!

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