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Jamaica 101

Starting with privateers and sugar plantations, Jamaica has an interesting history. Today, Jamaica is known for Reggae music, lush tropical forests, and relaxing beaches. Here are some of our favorite facts about this Caribbean island.

  1. There are 4 main resort areas on the island: Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and Port Antonio.
  2. Best beaches: Doctor’s Cave Beach (Montego Bay), 7-mile Beach (Negril), Boston Bay Beach (Port Antonio).
  3. Jamaica is considered the birthplace of ‘jerk’ food – Boston Bay Beach area offers the finest and hottest spicy jerk food and sauce!
  4. As well as climbing Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios, a drive into the Blue Mountains of Jamaica highlights the coffee industry and reggae music.
  5. Reggae Sumfest (formerly Reggae Sunsplash) –“the greatest reggae show on earth!” –is scheduled every July in Montego Bay.
  6. Scuba diving  the underwater city of Port Royal near Kingston, requires special permission from the Jamaican government, but is considered an important archaeological site.
  7. Author Ian Fleming wrote many of the James Bond novels in Jamaica and has an estate that is now a hotel (and museum!), called GoldenEye.
  8. Jamaica was one of the first Caribbean islands to offer all-inclusive resorts –first class, deluxe and luxury!
  9. It is possible to emulate the 1988 Olympic Bobsled team from Jamaica, on their 3,200 foot test track near Dunn’s River Falls.
  10. Jamaican sunsets with a cool rum punch are something to celebrate!

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