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London Calling!

With its classic sights and rich history, London offers an experience unlike any other. From cruising down the Thames, shopping at Harrods, to the view from the top of the London Eye there is so much to see and do here. With the recent additions and renovations from the 2012 Olympics, London is one city you need to visit sometime in your life.

Historic Sights

Westminster Abby, Parliament, Big Ben, and the Churchill War Rooms all call London home and are all worth stopping by. Whether you do a sightseeing tour where you get a glimpse of London’s historic sights, or go for a guided tour, you don’t want to miss out on touring the Tower of London. Home of the Crown Jewels and prison to many historical figures (including Elizabeth I) this is one site where you can learn about most of England’s history. Make sure to take the tour with the Beefeaters! Not only are they knowledgeable about the history of the Tower, but they are also humorous and will help you discover more about the Tower than you would on your own.

Local Culture

Unique to Britain are the TV pickup power surges that happen when 1.75 million kettles get switched on after the conclusion of popular television shows. If you want to experience afternoon or high tea, there are several locations located around the city for you to check out. From the Downton Abby elegance of the Ritz to the local tea houses, you’ll find something you like. If you’re looking for a stronger brew, head to the local pubs. Some of these locations are hundreds of years old and all have names with a unique meaning. Make sure to ask an employee about it!

Fandoms, Unite!

Fans of Harry Potter, Downton Abby, BBC’s Doctor Who and Sherlock along with the musical groups The Beatles, and Queen will be glad to know that they can visit significant sites where their favorite stories took place and favorite celebrities walked. From 221b Baker Street to Abbey Road Studios there are plenty of photo ops for casual fans, along with walking tours for those more dedicated. Most notable is the Warner Brothers Harry Potter set tour. Now that the films are over, you can step onto the very sets they were filmed on, including the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office, and Diagon Alley. See original costumes and take photos with props from the movies. It’s the closest a Muggle will ever get to receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter.

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