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Tequila Tasting in Puerto Vallarta

La Cofradía Tequila Distillery

Tequila is much more complex than today’s pop-stars make it seem. You may very well become enchanted with this spirit after you receive an education on it. In Mexico, there are a number of tastings and tours that offer this, but many of them tourist traps. La Cofradía Tequila Distillery is not one of those.

The distillery is located 3 hours outside of Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco.  It’s a gorgeous countryside area; the distillery is surrounded by hills and their fields of blue agave. Rather than a museum that you walk through to read about the distilleries history, your tour is led by a personal guide. He leads you through the fields and factory while explaining to you the harvesting, distilling and fermenting process.  It’s very informative, authentic and intimate.  Afterwards you can taste all manner of the distilleries tequila, well to premium, blanco to anejo.

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