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Leave the Magic to Disney

Vacationing at a Walt Disney World resort is a milestone for some families—it’s their first big trip with the kids, now old enough (and tall enough!) to enjoy a variety of amusements, attractions, and adventures together. While Disney resorts are popular, your experience doesn’t need to be commonplace. Make the most of your stay with these smart tips and tricks and leave the magic to Disney.

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Watching your child’s face light up at the sight of a favorite Disney character might be the most highly anticipated moment of your trip. But keep in mind: for some youngsters, the life-size costumes are surprising and overwhelming. So before you approach a character, talk to your child about what to expect in order to ease fears and encourage happy interactions. Refer to the guide maps to locate the Character Greetings sites in each park.

Not Just For Kids

The kids won’t care if Mom and Dad take some time to themselves, as long as you take advantage of the Children’s Activity Centers in several Disney Resort hotels. The Peter Pan-themed Never Land Club at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, for example, entertains visitors, ages 4–12, with cartoons, toys and video games. Cost is $11.50 per hour, per child, and includes a buffet meal between 6 and 8 p.m. Or, opt for in-room child care. Through a partnership with independent child care provider Kids Night Out, care is available for children ages 6 months–12 years.

Capture The Perfect Family Photo

With Disney’s free PhotoPass service, you’re assured of going home with great family vacation photos, even if you rarely have your camera handy. Photographers throughout the parks will capture your family at key locations, then you access the images online, at your leisure. An added bonus: PhotoPass photographers tend to travel with Disney characters, so cute photo-ops are a sure thing!

Resort Perks

We can’t stress it enough: when visiting a Walt Disney World® Resort, stay at a resort hotel. The advantages are huge. Not only will you get early and late admission to a different theme park each day, but you’ll also have charging privileges throughout the entire resort, so you never have to worry about carrying cash or a credit card. Plus, you can send whatever you purchase right to your room, so you never have to lug shopping bags. With spring break just around the corner, now is the time to book your Disney vacation!

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