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Off the Beaten Path in Jamaica

If you are ready to experience off the beaten path in Jamaica, check out a few of my favorite activities:

Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Getting to Floyd’s Pelican Bar requires a boat. The bar sits on stilts about ¼ mile out into the water, half way between Black River and Treasure Beach.

The Blue Hole

This is a natural crevice in the ground filled with blue mineral springs. It costs a few dollars to jump in and is a little out of the way, but it comes with great people, awesome tunes and a nice bar that adds to the party.

Dead End Beach

Dead End is a shallow white beach with soft sand and palm trees that extend right to the water’s edge. It is located right next to Montego Bay’s airport at the end of a road. You’d come here for some inexpensive drinks and locals full of character.

The Coral See

The Coral See is dubbed a reef explorer because instead of a boat haul, it has windows—a good alternative for kids or adults unable to scuba dive. It’s sort of like being submerged in a big glass box into the water.

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