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First Time to Paris

It’s the perfect time to start planning your spring vacation to Paris! With all the hustle and bustle of the City of Light, your first visit to Paris can be overwhelming. These helpful tips will help you to be well prepared to enjoy your stay.

  1. You don’t have to get your Euros before you go. Wait and take euros out of the ATM with your debit card when you arrive in Paris (at an airport or hotel ATM).
  2. Call your credit card company (ies) to advise them that you will be traveling to Paris so they do not freeze your card or suspect fraud when you make charges. It’s a good idea to bring more than one credit card. Also set up a PIN for your credit card, as you may need that to charge in Europe. Make 2 photo copies of your cards, front and back, keep one with you – separate from the cards and keep one at home.  Just in case you need to replace them,  you have the details you need.
  3.  Make a photocopy of your passport front page. Keep it in your luggage and not with your passport in case you need to replace it.
  4. A VAT or value added tax from 5-25% is imposed on most goods and services in EC countries. The rate is 19.6% in France.
  5. The least stressful way to get to your hotel from the airport upon arrival is to pre-arrange your transfer to your hotel, but the quickest & least expensive way to get to Paris from Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport is by taking the RER B train to Paris Gare du Nord. This is personal preference.
  6. Bring your own washcloth. Most French hotels don’t provide them (but you don’t need to worry about towels).
  7. You may bring up to $800 worth of souvenirs and goods you purchased back into the US duty free. The next $1000 has a 3% flat fee.
  8. Check with your cell phone service provider to add an international plan for France to make and receive calls while on vacation, if desired.
  9. Bring bubble wrap, tape and various sizes of zip-lock baggies to help wrap souvenirs on your homeward journey.
  10. You may wish to keep your valuables in an undershirt or inside-pant wallet, to keep pick pockets at bay.

6 Responses to First Time to Paris

  1. Pamela Barbato says:

    Please send information on Paris.Also interested in visiting the Mary Magdelena shrine.please enclose photos.

  2. brenda sevilla says:

    i would like some info on vacationing for 2014 please email me backthanks!

  3. Queen says:

    First time to Paris going with my youth what fun activities can we do

  4. Queen Akhuini says:

    Hey what fun activities for me and my teen kids?

  5. Queen Akhuini says:

    Any body have suggestions for a spacious new hotel with American breakfast also what show to see with my teenage kids in Paris France?

  6. Traterra Vacations says:

    Le Littr hotel is a good 4-star hotel on the Left Bank that offers a good buffet breakfast and decent sized rooms. They have been undergoing renovations that should be finishing the end of this month (May).

    Other new properties that opened last summer are the Grand Hotel due Palais Royal – a new luxury hotel and the Hotel des Arts near the Gare du Nord each room was designed by a different artist.

    Shows to see with teenagers:

    There is a 50-minute film that tells the history or Paris as told by Victor Hugo Paris Story. They also have an interactive model of Paris in 3-D and a video gallery that has 5 different themes the mysteries of Paris, Paris by Night, Strolling in Paris etc. Good for first timers to Paris.

    A funny comedy show How to become Parisian in One Hour in English This show is a hilarious comedy that reveals the legendary stereotypes of Parisians Do you think they are rude, short-tempered or arrogant? Learn how to be Parisian in every way in a shop, restaurant, taxi, metro and more.

    There are also the Moulin Rouge and Lido de Paris cabaret shows. These do feature some nudity so it may not be appropriate for your teenagers.

    Traterra can help you book any of the above.

    Contact Jennifer @ 800-222-2025 for more information.

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