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Cozumel by Dune Buggy

Whether you’re at a resort or stopping by during a cruise, Cozumel has plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Cozumel is a great destination for active travelers. The most popular activity is scuba diving, but if you have time, we highly recommend going on an adventure and exploring Cozumel by dune buggy. Typically there are four people to a buggy so you can split the rental cost, but if you get there at the right time (early or late), there may be one available for everyone in your group. Note that buggies have manual transmissions, so you’ll need to know how to drive stick in order to operate your own.

You’ll move out with your group through the wilder eastern shore. A trail will take you off the main road down the coast, to the beach and then into the jungle. There’s often detours for swimming or snorkeling so don’t forget to bring your swimsuit along.

Your cart is loaded up with beverages based on your preference, including water, beer and sodas. You’ll also receive instructions to drink as much as you like and that refills are available. Don’t be shy!

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