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Mayfield Falls, Jamaica

If you aren’t a first-time visitor to Jamaica and have already hiked Dunn’s River Falls, then your next hike should be to Mayfield Falls. You can find it about an hour and a half inland from both Montego Bay and Negril, and the hike itself takes approximately 2 hours total.

Getting to Mayfield Falls starts with a hike beginning at the outskirts of the jungle. The air is hot and humid, but your hike winds along the river so you’ll have an opportunity to get wet and cool down. The entire trek is just over one mile. Along the way you’ll climb upwards of 15 waterfalls! You’ll also have the opportunity to explore little caves, play on natural slides and jump off of cliffs into the river.

Make sure you bring your own water shoes. The rocks in the river are slippery, so you’ll want the extra traction. If you forget yours you will have the opportunity to borrow some.

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