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Your First Time to Mexico

Before my first time to Mexico, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that I would be interacting with people that spoke a different language and were raised in a different culture, which was both exciting and nerve-wrecking. To make your trip to Mexico run smoother, here are some things I wish I knew the first time I went:

  1. English is widely spoken at most spots, but take a cheat sheet with commonly used phrases  just in case.
  2. Carry a copy of your prescription with you on your trip if you take prescription medication.
  3. If you are looking to get away from the tourist areas, head south to Tulum where little local shops and restaurants are still the norm.
  4. If going to Chichen Itza, book a tour that arrives early in cool mornings, it’ll be less crowded.
  5. Under new currency laws, you can only spend $100 US cash to pay for something in Mexico.  The rest will have to be in pesos or credit card.
  6. Negotiate taxi fares prior to getting in and going anywhere.  Don’t pay anything more than the agreed upon price.
  7. Tipping is not required at all-inclusive resorts, but it is appreciated.  A little tip goes a long way in Mexico.
  8. While much of the water at resorts is purified, do not drink the tap water.  Water provided in resort restaurants is safe to drink.
  9. When arriving in the airport- know the name of your transportation provider and find them directly.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, and especially don’t talk with the timeshare salespeople right outside of baggage claim.
  10. Get lots of singles or small pesos from your bank for tipping on your trip.  US dollars are acceptable but tipping in pesos is preferred.

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