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Featured Travelers: A Magical Honeymoon

Today, we’re highlighting Mary and Mike’s Disney vacation! See why this trip to Disney was extra special for them and get their advice on how to do Disney.

Traterra: Why did you choose Disney?

Mary & Mike: We both took vacations there when we were younger and remembered it being really magical. We thought it would be a great place to go back to for our honeymoon, especially because Disney makes everything simple and we knew we could do as little or as much as we wanted on our trip. (Plus, Mary is a Disney nerd.)

Traterra: What made this Disney experience different from any other trip you’ve taken?

Mary & Mike: It was extra special for us because it was our honeymoon! It was the first real vacation we have taken together and was less about where we were and more about spending time together. Traterra gave us the peace of mind knowing everything was taken care of, and we had a wonderful time.

Traterra: Tell us about your experience with your Travel Advisor.

Mary & Mike: We knew exactly what we wanted from our hotel stay to our park ticket options, and our Travel Advisor Brenda made sure to arrange everything exactly as we imagined it. She confirmed our ground transportation and made arrangements so that we would not run into any issues on our trip. Our original flight to Orlando was cancelled, and she quickly let us know and rescheduled our flight for us. After hearing about a promotion Disney began offering after we booked our trip, we talked to Brenda and she was able to get us the sale price on our hotel and reimbursed us for the difference!

These are all things that we could have gone to the trouble to do through the Disney website, but we found their system very slow and frustrating before we started working with Traterra. It was also great to have a real person to talk to, and Brenda always followed through. In addition to all this, Brenda went the extra mile to make our honeymoon special by arranging a surprise room upgrade, making our standard room into a river-view suite!

Traterra: What advice would you give other couples who want to go to Disney?

Mary & Mike: First, go! Many people assume Disney is just for kids, but they are very wrong. Accept not being able to do everything at the parks. Instead, take your time walking around, going on the rides you’re really interested in, and just taking in the sights, sounds, and beautiful little details. Make dining reservations at Disney’s awesome restaurants well in advance (we love the restaurants at Epcot!), but don’t be afraid to break reservations or plans. You should go with the moment and not confine yourself to the things you might feel you “need” to do. If it is your honeymoon or anniversary, be sure to wear the “happily ever after” buttons as well because you’ll get lots of congratulations from Disney cast members!

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