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Shark Diving in Hawaii

If you are heading to Hawaii and are a bit of a thrill seeker, shark diving is something you should look forward to! Shark diving allows you to have an underwater encounter with a shark from the safety of large cage. Many cages can hold up to 8 people at one time and because they open from the top, there is no worry of an open water encounter.

The boat ride from Oahu’s North Shore will take you out about 20 minutes, three miles from shore. The best times vary based on weather conditions, but try to get out earlier in the day when the water is calmer. Fish and sharks tend to eat in the morning too, so they’re likely to be more active.

Your guides are experts and will provide a lot of information about marine life and conservation, the history and significance of sharks in Hawaiian culture and safety precautions. You’ll definitely want to have an underwater camera with you to snap photos of your close encounters. Species vary, but you’ll likely see Galapagos and sandbar sharks and may see tigers and hammerheads. Great Whites are very rare, and only one has actually ever been filmed in Hawaii waters. If you aren’t ready to jump into the cage, you can stay on the boat for surface-viewing opportunities.

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