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Cultural Experiences in Guatemala

History buffs and museum lovers, if Guatemala isn’t on your must-see list, write it down. With a fascinating history, delicious coffee and a welcoming population, there’s so much to see and learn throughout the country. On our recent Central America Exploration, we visited some unique places packed with amazing cultural insight.

Iximche National Park

Iximche is a small, but powerful park of Mayan ruins located near Tecpan, Guatemala. We passed through on our way from Panajachel Village to La Antigua, and spent just under two hours exploring the land. If you want a good introduction to the ruins, head to the museum to get a bird’s eye view of the park’s miniature replica. We recommend having a tour guide to help you more deeply understand the history and layout.

Baile de Los Moros

At the Posada de Don Rodrigo in Antigua, Guatemala, you might not realize you’re getting dinner and a show until the lights dim and the Marimba gets louder. Dancers come out in traditional garb and use maracas (called chinchines) to perform for the guests. At the end of the song, we were pleasantly surprised to be handed the chinchines and invited to dance along. The show begins at 8 PM and runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week. It’s not something you want to miss.

La Azotea Cultural Center

La Azotea Cultural Center is a place to learn about Mayan music traditions as well as Guatemalan coffee. There are two museums within the center and both are worth the visit for museum and history enthusiasts. Test out some instruments and taste some roasted coffee beans along the way. The unique gift shop offers coffee bean jewelry, which was a hit with the ladies in our group.

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