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Aruba for Families

While Aruba has traditionally not been known to be a family vacation destination, it is becoming increasingly popular with families with children of all ages. Many of the larger resorts have started to cater more to families than in the past. There are plenty of activities for families when staying beachside, but there are a lot of fun things to do further inland as well.

The Ostrich Farm

This ranch-style farm offers visitors the opportunity to learn and interact with ostriches, the world’s largest and heaviest living birds, and their Australian relatives, Emus. Guided tours, given every half-hour, take you to the hatchery to see new baby ostriches. Tours leave from many area resorts, but you can always take a taxi and spend as much or as little time there are you want.

The Butterfly Farm

Imagine walking through a tropical rainforest with flowers, trees and a trickling waterfall with butterflies flying all around you in their own natural paradise. You walk into a large mesh enclosure where you can see hundreds of exotic butterflies flying freely, with dozens of the most spectacular species from all over the world.

Donkey Sanctuary

Years ago, donkeys were brought to Aruba to be used as transportation. Since the introduction of cars to the island, most donkeys were set free and have survived in the wild ever since. The Donkey Sanctuary, located near the old Natural Bridge, is run by volunteers who take in sick or injured donkeys. This allows visitors to learn about and interact with them. There is no entrance fee at the sanctuary, but donations are graciously accepted.

Seaworld Explorer Semi-Sub

This semi-sub tour is great for people of any age. The boat remains above water at all times, while the hull is five feet below the surface, providing spectacular views of the reefs and shipwrecks that you will go to. The tour is great for people who love the ocean but may not want to snorkel or dive.

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