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Aruba’s Best Off-Shore Excursions

On an island like Aruba, completely surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, there are lots of things to do in, around, and under the water. However, with so much to try, I thought I’d break down for you Aruba’s best off-shore excursions and underwater highlights:

Scuba Diving

Sharks, shipwrecks and seashells! Aruba is a scuba diver’s paradise. Offshore, beautiful coral reefs encircle the island while fascinating shipwrecks are accessible, well-preserved and ready to explore. Just off Aruba’s western coast, The Antilla (nicknamed “The Ghost Ship”)  is one of the largest diveable shipwrecks in the Caribbean. Completely intact, it was intentionally sunk during WWII to keep it from being captured, and today it remains one of Aruba’s must-see underwater gems. Alternatively, divers can also head to shallower waters where the SS California wreck (along with bull and hammerhead sharks) provides another breathtaking spot for underwater exploration and photography.


If you’re not a diver but you still fancy a peek under the water, Aruba offers plenty of spectacular snorkeling as well. The Arashi Reef, shallow SS California shipwreck, and a sunken aircraft can all be seen from the surface, with just a snorkel and a mask. Guided snorkeling tours like the Palm Pleasure Snorkel Adventure will take you to the best spots and provide all of the equipment you’ll need.

Sea Trekking

Looking for a little adventure, not quite as intense as earning your diving certification? Give Snuba or Sea Trekking a try. Do they sound gimmicky? Yes! But are they totally fun? Absolutely! Both Snuba and Sea Trekking allow underwater enthusiasts to swim 10-15 feet below the water’s surface with the use of special masks that allow you to breathe as the fishes do (Snuba involves a dive-type mask, while Sea Trekking uses an air-filled helmet).


For those who want to try it for the first time (or for those who are really good at it already), Aruba has a perfect combination of temperature, wind strength and water conditions for windsurfing. Known as one of the world’s premier locations to learn, practice, and compete in the sport, Aruba plays host to international windsurfing competitions each year in the Fisherman’s Hut area and at the Aruba Hi-Winds competition in June and July.

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