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Jamaica’s Literary Side

Literary lovers will enjoy a trip to Firefly in Jamaica, the mountaintop vacation home and burial site of legendary British playwright Sir Noel Coward. About 20 miles east of Ocho Rios in Port Maria, Firefly is now maintained by the Jamaican Heritage Trust. Sir Coward’s clothes still hang in the closet, and his glamorous past, when he entertained jet-setters and royalty alike, is commemorated in the faded photos on the wall: Coward with the Queen Mother, Sean Connery, Errol Flynn, Joan Sutherland.

He wrote High Spirits, Quadrille, and other plays here, and his simple grave is just next to a small stage where his works are occasionally performed. Tours include time in the photo gallery, a walk through the house and grounds, and a video presentation on Coward.

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