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An Unforgettable Spring Break in Europe

Today, we’re highlighting Tricia K.’s family spring break trip to London and Paris. Along with three of her kids, Tricia traveled to Europe to visit her oldest daughter. The family enjoyed a week of exploring the cities and they are already thinking about where they’ll go next. Thanks for sharing your vacation story with us!

Traterra: What made this Spring Break trip different than previous vacations?

Tricia: Most families stay in hotels during vacation. Instead of a traditional hotel this time, we stayed in apartment-style accommodations. We enjoyed doing this because we could shop for groceries and make our own meals at times when we weren’t up for venturing to a new restaurant.

Why did you choose to visit London and Paris?

My daughter, Caroline, is studying abroad in London this year, and my three other children, Analee, Joshua and Connor, wanted to visit her. I thought it was a great opportunity for the whole family to discover Europe together. We added Paris to the itinerary because all five of us speak French and wanted a chance to practice our skills.

What London and Paris activities would you recommend to families like your own?

In London we toured a beautiful snow-covered Stonehenge, saw a “We Will Rock You” show featuring music by Queen, and explored the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which is a great family activity.

Since our vacation was during the Easter holiday, our Sunday was spent at a lovely church in Paris off the Champs-Élysées. Later, we found a relaxing café on the Champs, perfect for people-watching and catching up with Caroline, of course. Another of our favorite activities was walking along the Seine, where we bought some beautiful artwork. If you do speak, French, try to communicate with some of the locals. We met a chef who spoke and understood only French so we got a lot of practice.

How did Traterra help you?

Our Travel Planner, also named Caroline, was fantastic. She really listened to what we wanted to do and made suggestions based on our interests. She had the foresight to suggest staying in the apartment-style place in London. Caroline’s already got me thinking about my next big trip – A Jane Austen tour in England and a visit to Ireland.

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