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Meet the Hungry Nomad

Meet Tala Voosoghi, editor and photographer at Hungry Nomad. Originally from Canada, Tala graduated law school and went to New York in search of a job. The competition and economy, along with a move to New Orleans, left the job search in the dust and led to the birth of Tala’s Hungry Nomad blog.

Tell us how you went from law school graduate to food and travel blogger.

After graduating law school in 2009, optimism quickly turned to desperation and the bitter realization that after 7 years of school and student loans, I was left swimming in a sea of millions of fellow career hungry optimists. Unwilling to work for free or intern at another NGO, I followed my heart to New Orleans where I quickly found that writing and photography gave me a creative outlet that had been suppressed throughout law school. After taking several fantastic photography classes I started a blog as a personal memoir of my life through food, travel and recipes. Thus the Hungry Nomad was born.

How did travel become part of your life?

I had the privilege of being born in a family where traveling was a part of my life from the very beginning. My first trip that I can remember was traveling to India when I was only 5 years old. Ever since I have had a hard time remaining in one area for too long. Through my website I can now incorporate that constant travel itch into a daily part of my life.

What is your favorite destination so far and why?

That is a really hard one. Each place I’ve travelled to has its own beauty. My recent trip to Cambodia was a very memorable one. The country is so beautiful, the people so warm and inviting and the history so rich. Even through the scars of years of war the people seem happy with very little and that is very humbling coming from the west.

Who are your favorite travel companions?

My partner, because he loves to eat just as much as I do and many of our trips revolve around where we are going to eat next.

What factors do you consider when figuring out your next trip?

I like to discover new places. So the number one factor is whether I have already been to the destination. Cost is of course next. While there are many perks of being a food and travel blogger there are still many expenses that are not covered.

What’s coming up next for the Hungry Nomad?

Wow. So much is happening in the next few months. I have a press trip planned to the Mediterranean where I will be traveling through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey and writing about hotels that are hosting us, restaurants that I’ve been dying to try and specialty foods from each region.

To follow Tala’s adventures around the world, visit the Hungry Nomad blog or check out her photos on Instagram.

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