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A Day in Hoi An, Vietnam, with Chef Duc Tram

Owner of Mango Rooms Restaurant in Hoi An, master chef Duc Tram returned to Vietnam after studying the culinary arts and practicing as a chef in Texas, Latin America, Japan, Europe, and Australia. On Traterra’s private 14-day Vietnamese Cooking tour, Chef Duc serves as your guide through Hoi An’s market, sharing his favorite ingredients and advising which items to select for today’s cooking lesson.

After the trip to the market, stroll through the ancient streets of Hoi An to Mango Rooms, where today’s lesson will take place. Chef Duc will teach you how to season and prepare his signature dishes, including “Lust in Translation” (tuna rolls double-layered with nori and rice paper sheets served crispy and topped with yogurt, passion fruit, and mint), “Pearl of China Sea” (large prawns battered Japanese-Vietnamese style and tossed with onion, green pepper, garlic, and butter), and “Magnum Opus” (blue fin tuna steak seasoned in garlic, onion, ginger, basil, sesame seeds, pan seared and served with mango salsa). The best part is that you get to eat as you cook.

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