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A Stroll Down Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón

One of the most popular activities in Puerto Vallarta (P.V.) is a stroll down the city’s famed boardwalk, the Malecón. Lined with shops, restaurants and artwork, the Malecón provides great entertainment for all ages and budgets. The young and fashionable can shop during the day and hit the restaurants and clubs at night. Families can enjoy the scenery, find plenty of friendly people and activities and rest on any of the boardwalk’s many rustic benches. The mile-long Malecón runs parallel to downtown Puerto Vallarta’s main street, Paseo Diaz Ordaz, offering perfect vistas of the ocean while not too far from P.V.’s cheerful city life. On a warm afternoon, we recommend finding a boardwalk vendor who sells tejuino, a freshly-blended juice made with corn. You’ll enjoy walking near, around, and in some cases, underneath the many sculptures found on the Malecón, including the famed Arches by the Sea (perfect photo op!). If you’re really interested in art, you’ll want to visit nearby The Loft Galeria, featuring contemporary and modern works of art.

The Malecón was recently extended by a bridge spanning the Cuale River allowing pedestrians to visit P.V.’s south side. Grab a bite in one of the many restaurants or bars on the south side, then return to the main boardwalks for an evening of dancing and music.

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