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Powering Change in Central America

Picture this: You’re driving past volcanoes, sugar cane plantations, and cattle farms. You’re being guided around a Fair Trade coffee farm by a local farmer. You’re gliding across a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, and you dock only to go exploring a city full of culture and history. Where are you?

From tropical rainforests to Spanish colonial villages, travel in Central America is unique, inspiring, and educational. Respond to the opportunity to learn; connect the history you see to what you already know, experience a culture that you’ve only ever read about. When traveling to any destination, our hope is that you return home with more than memory cards full of photos and a few loads of laundry. We hope you come home with new friendships and a deeper understanding of a different culture.

Countries such as Guatemala and Honduras make it easy to accomplish both. In Guatemala, discover a happy medium between guided tours of city staples and the freedom to explore on your own. Interact with locals who live and breathe the culture each day. Then, take off on your own to focus more on your favorite parts of the region.

In Honduras, wander through the stunning Copan Archaeological Park, where you’ll see beyond the temples and hieroglyphics. Lose yourself in the cobblestoned streets as you visit local shops and restaurants, mingling with the owners and other shoppers to hear their stories.

In traveling to Central America, you’re not just going on vacation. You’re running with the opportunity to connect with local communities and learn more about yourself. Join us on our special 8-day Central American experience this summer, and a portion of your package price will be donated to two extraordinary non-profit organizations doing great work in the region – H2O For Life and Pueblo a Pueblo. In doing so, you’ll be able to cross Posada De Santiago off of your 1,000 Places to See listand more importantly, help bring clean water to the families of that local farmer or city tour guide you met at the start.

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